Conseil DepartementalDordogne Perigord


We were tasked to sum up the vast array of services that the Council of Dordogne and Perigord provide to the local population, to be shown on their website, in local cinemas, and events.


Using hands gave a soft and personal touch to the animation. By increasing them in scale we could also show the strength of the collective. The hands in different guises represent the huge range of professions. Our backdrops enabled us to champion the landscapes and heritage of the Dordogne.

ORIGINAL SCRIPT eng translation

Our lives can be told through hands. The hand that holds and the hand that pushes. Some can be named whilst others go unnoticed. The hands that protect vulnerable and unaccompanied children. Help the unemployed get back to work. Simplify the daily life of the disabled. Financing residential homes whilst also enabling the aged to live in their own. The hands of the Conseil Departemental touch our lives personally but also collectively, building and maintaining road networks, internet connectivity, protecting the environment, green energy, building colleges, serving locally produced foods in our cantines, providing sport and culture accessible for everyone, ,running the mediatech and bus schools of music and associations, whilst also helping develop tourist projects like Lascaux four. For these hands to serve us well they need to be organised, directed and given the right instruments. This why we elect a male and female president who in turn select the agent de Conseil departmental. The Conseil Départemental a helping hand.

//Creative Director Alex Brown - Make Believe//Script: Alex Brown and Nicola Platon //Illustration: Alex Brown// Assistant animator: Daphnee Cassini//Sound design: Tom O'Sullivan - Sizzle audio// Client: Conseil Departemental Dordogne and Perigord//