European week of sport


Inactivity is a growing problem across Europe. The combination of health issues, mental wellbeing and effect on overall productivity are a concern for Europe. The European Week of Sport is a trigger to get citizens engaged in sport. During the week a huge array of activities are organized across the continent.


We wanted to create a highly motivational rallying call for citizens to take up the challenge and BE ACTIVE.We prepared three options and the client went for the poetic, ‘Quiet before the Storm’.


They say that we, as a people, are stagnating, For we have leapfrogged evolution and it’s natural selection And landed in a world of inertia. And as our bodies begin to mirror our lives, they slow. As do our minds. (For only the foolish believe they’re not intertwined.) And as our mind slows, the ideas stop to flow. And without anything new We stop, and start to rot. So they say. Perhaps, they’re right. But I say, not. I say, this is the calm before the storm. I say this is the quiet breath we take Before we step out proud of who we are, That together we are a force with such momentum, That we can only move towards our dreams. And in that direction there is no wrong. For whilst we may be slow, may be happy, be right, be wrong, may be big, be small, be-still, be-fast. We move as one. If you want to evolve into something more. #BEACTIVE

//Creative Director Alex Brown - Make Believe//Script: Megan Price - Be the fox//Illustration: Ainsley Knott and Alex Brown//Sound design: Tom O'Sullivan - Sizzle audio// Agency: BBC studioworks// Client: The European Union//